Save Water, Buy A Towel

Save Water, Buy A Towel

Interested in buying a towel that doesn't take a bunch of water to grow and manufacture? 

When you’re browsing online in search for bath towels - you might initially be on the search for the fluffiest towels that won’t break the bank and are eco-friendly.

 But once you’re doing your research on what’s available on the market - it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There seems to be an infinite number of options available and they’re almost all labeled as “eco-friendly” or “sustainable”. 

Not to mention - these towels are made from all different types of fabrics. Which one is the best choice for you? 

According to WWF, cotton towels take more than 5,283 gallons of water to produce just one cotton towel. 

5,283 gallons of water could easily produce days of drinking water- which is around 28 years of normal water consumption for a person. 

The other type of bath towels that are often classified as sustainable are bamboo towels. 

However, bamboo is oftentimes grown in plots of land where food could be growing instead. In addition to this, bamboo takes 256 gallons of water to produce a single towel. It’s also important to make sure the bamboo fabric isn’t a derivative of rayon, which involves a manufacturing process that utilizes a variety of toxic chemicals.

When you’re looking for towels it’s important to keep the following thing in mind: 

  • Make sure the brand is using sustainably sourced materials 

  • Choose a fabric that doesn’t use as much water to grow

  • Look for a towel that is designed for durability 

  • Support businesses with manufacturing processes that prioritize sustainability 

If you’re curious about hemp as a potential primary fabric for your next towel set check out our blog article here.

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