Anact's Earth Day Tips & Tricks

Anact's Earth Day Tips & Tricks

One of my favorite things to do is to learn new tips and tricks for how to live a more zero waste lifestyle and be able to give products a second life and keep them out of the landfill. That’s why for this year’s Earth Day, I put together a list of my favorite sustainability hacks to share with you. I hope you learn something new to implement! We’d also love to hear your favorite tips and tricks so drop us a line below! 

  • Old towels. While we haven’t developed a take back system (yet) we highly encourage you to drop off your old towels (once you replace them with Anact of course ;) to your local animal shelter since they are always in need of old linens and towels. 
  • Dryer lint. Everytime that I am done with a toilet paper roll, instead of recycling it, I put the lint from the dryer into the empty roll and store it in the closet. When I want to make a campfire, the toilet paper roll and dryer lint make an EXCELLENT campfire. 
  • Glass jars. Anytime I buy food and/or drink that is a glass jar, I always wash them out and peel off the labels (or don’t) and save them to use for leftovers and/or to be reused to drink out of them. One of my favorite glass jars to drink out of was previously a coconut oil jar. 
  • Soft plastic recycling. This depends more on where you live… here in Austin, you cannot recycle soft plastic so I store all of ours up in a closet and when it’s getting full… I take it to the local grocery store, HEB, and drop it all off. It feels divine knowing that I am diverting plastic from the landfill. 
  • Local zero waste shops. I highly recommend identifying local zero waste shops in your area and refilling your essentials (dish wash soap, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent) so you don’t have to buy new. I love going to Luxe Refille for all of my refill needs in Austin. Another great place for zero waste items is Parker & Scott. They regularly gives you a percentage off if you bring in old shoes, corks, and other items that are not easily recyclable. 
  • Compost. I love to compost. One of my favorite times in life was when I used to vermipost. What’s that you ask? I would separate compost and collect egg shells, coffee grounds, basically anything that is not acidic and feed them to the worms. The worms would create a liquid fertilizer that we called liquid gold that all my friends always wanted to help spruce up their gardens. Fun fact, most cities offer subsidization of the equipment needed to compost to help divert food waste from the landfill! 
  • Thrifting. Some of my favorite clothes and shoes that I have found have been thrifting. For example, one of the things I knew that I wanted to have when I moved to Texas was a pair of vintage cowboy boots. I started doing some research to figure out my sizing and the look that I wanted. Lo and behold, one day while perusing through this cute town in Lockhart, TX, I stumbled upon a $45 pair of fantastically broken in cowboy boots that would normally be priced around $600! I have felt very Texan since putting those bad boys on! 
  • Reading. I live at the public library when I’m not aligning towels and building out Anact’s vision. To be able to laugh, cry, and learn for free is the gift that will never keep on giving. 

Well, that’s all I got for now folks! Let us know if these were helpful and tag us on IG @anactglobal to share which act you take this month!

Cheers to simple acts! - Brianna 

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