Hemp fabric has been around the United States from the very beginning

When you're at the U.S. Capitol, you'll notice the flags you see were originally made out of hemp. Did you know the first American flags were sewn by Betsy Ross with hemp fiber as well as grown by hemp farmers at George Washington and Thomas Jefferson's farms?

Anacts Proprietary Weave

Anact's towels are made out of a proprietary weave that brings the spa experience into your everyday bath rituals. We have tested hundreds of towels (and we made hundreds) to create a towel that is the best performing and most sustainable. Plush is out and performance is in, baby. 

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  • Hemp

    Hemp is a natural plant fiber. It is a bast fiber, which means it comes from the stem of a plant. In terms of sustainability, hemp is often considered a preferred fiber with less harmful environmental impact.

    Hemp is from the Cannabis Sativa plant family. One of the first plants in history to be spun into a usable fiber. This durable fiber can be used for textiles, building materials, food, paper and more.

    Hemp can be coarse; however, like any fiber, hemp can be softened to make clothes and linens (like our towels!).

  • Bamboo

    Bamboo fabrics are actually rayon: the essentially means that it isn't a natural fiber. The manufacturing process requires the use of harmful chemicals

    The reason bamboo is not sustainable is becuase of the chemical solvent used to break down the bamboo which whips any trace of the bamboo in the textile manufacturing process. If you test a bamboo towel there are zero traces of bamboo.

    There's not organic certification for bamboo because the Global Organic Trade Association refuses to certify rayon.