Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide For Surfers

Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide For Surfers

The holidays are quickly approaching - and finding holiday gifts for our loved ones can be really fun but a little stressful. That’s why we’ve created this gift guide for those looking for the perfect gift for their loved one who prioritize sustainability and love to surf. 

We’ve created two main categories in our guide - one for larger gifts and the other for stocking stuffers. We focused on showcasing artisan brands and smaller businesses that prioritize ethical sourcing and business practices that are not only environmentally sustainable but aim to make the world a better place for their employees and communities. 

Large Gifts:

  1. Silver Sea Glass Ring: Each ring is one of a kind, made with glass that is found along the beaches of Wales. This sea glass ring is made with 935 sterling silver which makes this necklace super durable. This is a great gift for a friend or loved one who loves the ocean. 

  2. Anact Bath Towel Set:  One of the best gifts you can give your surf enthusiast loved ones is a sustainable and durable towel. Our bath towel set comes with three biostatic, fast-drying, ultra absorbent and sustainable towels that will help them quickly dry off after a morning of surfing. Each towel is made with sustainability in mind and with our proprietary blend of hemp and organic cotton fibers. Say goodbye to smelly rough towels! 

  3. She Adjusted Her Sails Sea Glass Necklace: This motivational necklace has “She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way she adjusted her sails” inscripted on a sterling silver pendant along with a soft shard of authentic sea glass. Sea glass are pieces of glass that have been polished by the waves and sand of the ocean. This is a wonderful inspirational gift. This necklace is handcrafted in Oceanside, New York. 

  4. Anato Zero Waste Skincare Kit:  Anato skincare focuses on creating a zero waste skincare line that is made with natural ingredients and with sustainability in mind. This kit includes a serum, sunblock, facemask, tree balm, a sample of a regenerative elixir and a cotton travel pouch. This brand’s HQ is in Santa Cruz, CA and each of their products is made with love and care. 

  5. At The Beach Sterling Silver Band Ring: This beautifully crafted sterling silver ring was inspired by the relaxing waves at Florida beaches. This ring is unisex - and truly a beautiful work of art. This is a wonderful everyday ring or a statement ring for those who have a love for the ocean. This ring is made with 100% recycled precious metal content- and is certified by SCS Global. It is also available in 14 or 18 karat yellow, white or rose gold. Each piece is handmade in  Lacey WA, and comes in a gift box. 

  6. Save A Surf - Cold Water Kit: This kit contains everything you need - except for the surfboard. This kit is designed for all of your surf needs when surfing in cold waters. For those of you with loved ones surfing in central California, Washington or anywhere else in cold climes, this eco-friendly kit is the perfect gift for them. This kit includes: Rob Machado’s eco-friendly Cold Water Wax, Sunscreen, earplugs, fin screws and surf leash and it all fits in an 8 inch pouch that can be used in emergency situations. It even fits in the glove box! This kit is created in the sleepy beach town of Cardiff By The Sea, CA. 

Stocking Stuffers: 

  1. Honeybear Beeswax Surf Wax: This all natural and organic surf wax is hand made in Tuolumne California, by a family owned beekeeping operation in the mountains near Yosemite. This is a wonderful stocking stuffer - especially for the avid surfers in our life. 

  2. Biodegradable Phone Case:  This Surfer Girl biodegradable phone case is made with absolutely NO plastic in California. The case is made from a combination of bamboo and plant polymer and once discarded becomes biodegradable in just 160 days. The phone case is designed to be slim in form, lightweight, supports wireless charging and comes with gift wrapping! You can choose which phone case size fits best for your needs. 

  3. Limited Edition Black Lives Matter Tote Bag: This hemp + organic cotton tote is designed with the photo of GiGi Lucas, the founder of SurfearNegra and was shot by Malcom Jackson on American beach - which was one of the only beaches in the South that African Americans could swim at during the Jim Crow era. On the back of the tote is a special poem written by GiGi. This iconic photograph - pictures GiGi posing with her surfboard reminding us all of the universality of the ocean and surfing. Regardless of race, gender, or sexuality the ocean is a place where we can all marvel at the wonders of nature. This tote bag is wonderful to carry your essentials, groceries and more. 

  4. XS Reusable Surf Fabric Gift Bags:  These cute reusable gift bags can be used for gift bags and double as a small pouch to put in your handbag, tote or backpack. The XS size is perfect for jewelry, cards, cosmetics and more! The super cute surf motive design is perfect for those surf enthusiasts in your life. These bags are pet friendly and handmade in Santa Barbara, CA. 

Handmade Hardwood Surf Wax Comb:  This handmade hardwood surf wax comb is designed to be sustainable and easy to use. The beautiful rich wood is handcrafted to be a surf wax comb and has a handy hemp lanyard and natural oil finish. This surf wax comb is handmade in Sonora, California and made by an Etsy shop that specializes in creating sustainable surf products made from locally sourced woods and beeswax crafted in the family farm. This is a great stocking stuffer for loved one’s who are regular surfers or getting into surfing.

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