Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Holiday Gift Guide For Him

We’ve compiled a list of amazing sustainable and eco-friendly gifts, some that are stocking stuffers and others that are larger gifts. 

We focused on brands that are artisanal or handmade and that focus on sustainability and eco-friendly business practices. These items are handcrafted from all over the world. 

  1. Man Care Gift Box: This is the ultimate care box - and all the products are 100% handmade, natural and vegan. All of the ingredients are locally sourced in the Sunshine Coast, Australia. The gift box includes: activated charcoal & tea tree soap bar, a sandalwood skin purifier soap board,  a beard and face hydrator, and a beard & hair comb. The products have a wonderful earthy smell and are carefully crafted and presented in beautiful gift packaging. 

  2. Personalized Canvas Log Carrier: This beautiful custom canvas log carrier can be customized with a monogram and is a wonderful piece of decor as well as a super functional item for those who love to have warm fires in the winter time. The log carrier uses high quality cotton canvas and vegetable tanned leather - each log carrier is sewn and assembled with care in the USA. 

  3. Fire Starter: If you’re shopping for a loved one who loves to go camping this fire starter is the perfect stocking stuffer. This fire starter doesn’t require any matches and can start a fire in any weather - rain, wind, or snow. This fire starter is handmade and even has a compass integrated in the handle. 

  4. 11:11 Hanky: This is an amazing stocking stuffer and super practical and sustainable multipurpose hankie. A hankie is a super practical piece of cloth that can be easily stored in backpacks, pockets or even handbags. Instead of using single use tissues or napkins this organic cotton hankie can be an eco-friendly solution while cleaning up spills and messes. This hankie is grown, milled and sewn in the USA.

  5. Safety Razor + 5 Blades: This is a wonderful sustainable and eco-friendly gift made from high quality matte zinc alloy and bamboo. This reusable safety razor will ensure a close shave every time - without the immense amount of plastic waste. This gift comes with a packet of 5 stainless steel wilkinson style blades whenever you need a refill. The razor is also designed to be double sided which allows the blades their full use. This product is designed and crafted in the UK. 

  6. Anact Bath Towel Set: This bath towel set is created with our proprietary hemp + organic cotton blend that ensures that it is not only eco-friendly and sustainable but also durable and soft. This specific blend of fabric is biostatic (goodbye smelly towels!), fast-drying, ultra absorbent and sustainable. This blend also gets softer with each wash which guarantees a durable and long lasting comfortable towel. With each purchase - you can save over 500 days of clean drinking water. 

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