Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Lover

Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Lover

The holiday season is finally upon us! If you’re shopping for gifts for those adventurous loved ones in our lives you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of potential stocking stuffers and gifts for people who love all things outdoors. We focused on artisanal brands that hand make their products and prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly products and business practices. 

Gifts for Adventurers:

  1. Vegan Bamboo Floss: When you’re on a hiking expedition - there’s no reason to have to ignore your dental hygiene. This handy and compact vegan bamboo floss container makes it super easy for anyone to remember to floss - even on an adventure. This case is reusable so that you won’t have to throw it away after you run out of floss. This floss is made from charcoal - to enhance gum health and improve whitening for your teeth. This item is made in Saint Paul, MN and ships worldwide. 

  2. 24 Piece BlueTensils Biodegradable Compostable Bamboo utensils: These compostable bamboo utensils are designed to be biodegradable which is great for when you’re planning a BBQ or when you go camping. If you don’t have to want to worry about washing lots of dishes while on an adventure these utensils may be the perfect solution. These are great for those who often like to plan long hikes or go camping.

  3. State Hiker Ornament from Recycled Raw Steel: This hiker ornament can be purchased for any state - and is an amazing stocking stuffer gift for any hiking enthusiast. The ornaments are made with raw recycled industrial steel which is the most recycled material in the world. Each ornament is unique - since it has different colors and shades due to the raw material. These ornaments are made in Adairsville, GA. 

  4. Wind Turbine Enamel Camping Mug: This beautiful enamel cup is perfect for camping - or just daily life adventures. The wind turbine design is from design house, Chew on Bamboo, and is a handmade graphic illustration that is designed to spread environmental awareness through illustrations. Each purchase will help raise money and donate to several organizations and charities focused on current environmental problems. This mug is handmade in Schenectady, NY. 

  5. National Park Log Book: This is an amazing way to document adventures in National Parks in the United States. The log book is small and compact so that you can easily throw it in your backpack or shirt pocket. This National Park Log book is FSC and Green Seal Certified, processed chlorine-free and made with 100% renewable electricity. Each notebook is printed and bound in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

Anact Wash Towel: Our Anact wash towel is an amazing addition to any hiking or adventure pack. Our wash towels are also made with our proprietary blend of hemp and organic cotton which is biostatic, fast-drying, ultra absorbent and sustainable. If you need a wash towel that is compact and super useful this is an amazing choice! 

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