Tired of soggy towels?

Tired of soggy towels?

Imagine getting out of a relaxing morning shower, only to find your towel still hasn’t dried from the morning before and is soggy and cold. Unfortunately, you probably don’t really have to imagine this (as this happens wayyy too often to people). 

A common complaints we found when doing research on what consumers wanted in eco-friendly and sustainable towels, we found these major main complaints that were not being addressed in the marketplace: 

  1. People hated soggy towels.
  2. People haaated towels that wouldn’t absorb the water on their skin quickly. 
  3. Soggy towels typically turn into stinky towels- and sometimes the musk just doesn’t leave. 

One of the reasons why we decided to incorporate hemp into our towels - other than the fact that they’re eco - friendly and sustainable- is because hemp’s molecular structure is hollow which allows water to pass through it and wick the water off your skin. This is what scientists call biostatic. All Anact towels are made with hemp (which is a biostatic material) which means that they dry faster and bacteria can’t get trapped. We can all finally say goodbye to smelly damp towels!  

Also, since we use an organic cotton and hemp blend, your towel will get softer with each wash (don’t worry it’s still super soft when you still get it in the mail!). Another reason we decided to work with hemp was because it is one of the most durable fabrics. Did you know the US Navy has been using rope made out of hemp for decades? Regardless of how many times you wash your Anact towel, it will only get softer and will last ages. 

Hemp towels (and our hemp + organic cotton blend Anact towels) have an amazing level of breathability, which is why they’re fast drying, but it also means bacteria and scents can’t live there. Hence, hemp as a fabric is an amazing option for towels and sheets. The fact that our Anact hemp towels are breathable also means these are a wonderful option for people who are looking for an anti-microbial and hypoallergenic option. You don’t have to worry about your towels making your face or body break out. 

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option for your new set of towels, a hemp and cotton blend is an awesome alternative to bamboo, pure organic cotton or recycled polyester.  

Check out our Anact towel bundle, that includes a hand towel, body towel and a wash towel by clicking the link here.

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