Earth Day Edition: The Fashion Act

Earth Day Edition: The Fashion Act

Happy Earth Day!

At Anact, we believe that every day is an opportunity to be connected to the planet we live on. 

The thing we often don't talk about though is that the conversations, meetings, and biggest opportunities to advocate for climate rarely happen in nature.

They happen in rooms without windows set at 69 degrees thermostat in skyscrapers in big cities with people wearing polyester suits behind closed doors and a lot of titles. 

We believe the start of any movement is grassroots but eventually - we need it to get to the legislative level to set the bar for the industry. 

That's why we are excited to share with you our support of the New York Fashion Act. This bill holds big brands accountable for their impact on workers and the environment by introducing new due diligence and reporting requirements, fresh climate obligations and sizeable fines for noncompliance.

You can take a simple act today by signing on their website to show your support of the bill.

Europe has already passed similar legislation in France and Germany so this bill in the state of the New York would be groundbreaking for the US. 

Did we mention that Angelina Jolie recently backed it too? 

Cheers to simple acts and happy earth day from us to you!

Brianna Kilcullen
Founder + CEO, Anact

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