Breonna Taylor


As we prepare to close out 2020, we remain cognizant of all those we have lost and the systemic racism that is interlaced within our legislation system and our culture in the United States. 

At Anact, we believe that all people are equal and deserving of a good life. We have seen firsthand the negative impact of the textile industry on farmers, garment workers and the planet, which is why we created sustainable towels and bags made out of hemp and organic cotton that are better for them and for you. 

But we didn't want to stop there. We are also aware there is oppression and inequality all around us, which is why we wanted to create a brand and movement focused around activism so that each time you use our products you're reminded there is a community of people out there that believe in being mindful of one another's experiences and strive to treat others the way they would want to be treated. 

That's why we continue to stand behind the Black Lives Matter movement and behind victims such as Breonna Taylor. We realize that we all struggle from things we might not speak of but we hope that you will feel inspired to speak and act on behalf of those struggles that we do see in front of us. 

All the best,
Founder & CEO, Anact


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